welcome home, susan!


After 350 days of homelessness, Susan finally moved into her new apartment Friday! She's had to endure or overcome a great deal in that time, including frozen social security funds that led to her eviction and took several months to thaw with the help of Congressman Wittman's staff...renewing immigration papers...DMV COVID-19 closure before she could renew her photo ID required for getting an apartment...her second battle with cancer...a hole in her heart that requires surgical repair and was delayed until she was housed...a shelter system lacking wheelchair accessible shelters...a couple hundred nights in the Super 8 motel and a few others...and several nights under a blanket in her motorized wheelchair outside.

Thanks to Bruce, Maureen, and Sydney for helping me move her belongings from our trailer where they'd been stored since last June. Thanks to our many donors who helped us provide at least one week at the Super 8 motel each month and groceries we often provided. Thanks to Sam and Tina at Super 8 for watching out for Susan; especially when she lacked funds. Thanks to the dear volunteers who took her to doctor appointments and prayed with her in the hospital. Thanks to Catholic Charities and CARITAS for repeatedly giving her my cell phone number for help with motel stays because they couldn't help her at the shelters...Susan doesn't like being a burden to us, and doesn't always disclose she needs our help. Thanks to Homeward for helping with her motel stays and meals once the COVID-19 pandemic reached our area. Thanks to Theresa of Lets God Services for driving Susan to Norfolk to get her immigration documents straight. Thanks to all of our Saturday Servings volunteers who have made her feel loved and given her Hope during this ordeal.

Thanks to Susan for trusting God and not giving up when the temptations were greatest and the obstacles most daunting. Because of all she endured and her self-activism, the shelter system must now become ADA compliant, so others in wheelchairs won't be turned away in their time of greatest need. Most especially, thank you Father God for protecting Susan during this storm, for positioning us as your conduit for provision, Hope, and Your Love, and for ending her homeless nightmare.

Welcome HOME, Susan!

~ Bob