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Moments of Hope Outreach gives Hope to neighbors in the Richmond area  experiencing homelessness & those living in poverty by providing  weekly healthy meals, life-sustaining supplies, & connecting them to  local, state, & federal health & housing resources. 

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Do you have a passion for the homeless? Are you looking for a way to reach those in need in RVA? Let us know! We are always looking for volunteers to help us reach those that are living in poverty. We'll help you find a way to volunteer that best suits you. We're excited to have you join the team!

Thank You

Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, putting together blessing bags or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't reach those in need without the help of supporters like you. #MomentsOfHopeOutreach

Mo Hope News & Updates

Big News!

Mo Hope has lots of great news & big changes in store for 2019! Without a doubt, the most exciting news is that Betty Jo (Betty Hayes) has joined us full-time as our Director of Pantry Operations! Her primary role will be to oversee & direct all operations for the Mo Hope Mobile Pantry at our Saturday Servings events, and the Mo Hope Pantry near the Hanover Courthouse. We are absolutely thrilled about this! 

This is a tremendous commitment made by someone who already does far more than most have any notion of. God sent Betty Jo to be Bob's right hand in running Mo Hope, and in doing so, freeing him up to do more of what he's called to do. And Bob, Mo Hope, and those we serve have benefited beyond measure. With all she's accomplished as a volunteer, We're looking forward to what Betty Jo will accomplish and inspire moving forward.

Saturday Servings Summary

At first glance, it’s just one checked box among many checked boxes in the “H” column. “H” stands for “Homeless”. Every once in a while, I have the incredible joy of unchecking one of those boxes. Nathaniel shared with me that he’d been praying with us for months for God to provide a job and a place for him to live indoors. With tears and a grin he told me his homeless & jobless nightmare ended the week before Christmas! Nathaniel has a job and an apartment to call home. He praised God, and asked that I pass along his gratitude to all those who prayed with him, fed & clothed him, paid for motel rooms for him during the storms, and encouraged him to trust in God and not give up. He said to tell you “Prayers work!” Yes they do! I got to uncheck THREE boxes yesterday! Thank you Lord!!!

Our friends from Broadus Baptist Church we’re so excited to serve yesterday that they had their jumbo pots set up and keeping the soup hot when we pulled into the parking lot! We’re grateful for them bringing lots of volunteers, as they were needed with the extra clothing and food items that were donated once we set up. It was heartwarming to watch a few of their younger volunteers serve our 227 guests a hearty soup, cornbread, ham biscuits, apple sauce, chips, and lots of desserts. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

It’s possible some of us have grown so accustomed to high attendance tallies these last few months, that yesterday’s 227 guest tally may seem anticlimactic, or even disappointing…until you put it in proper perspective. In 2017, we didn’t serve 200+ guests until Christmas Eve. In 2018, it took until the end of April to top 225. Again, these numbers are not offered as accomplishments. They serve as indicators of growth and help us in short-term planning. The most important thing we can take from yesterday’s tally is that 227 of our neighbors came to us in search of something, and after enjoying a delicious meal, being prayed with, and hearing about God who loves them and wants a relationship with them, they returned to their struggles; hopefully filled with Hope and feeling loved. 

Our Budget for 2019

When we use the term “budgeted”, we mean this is the minimum amount we expect God to provide through donations and grants, to accomplish what we discern Him calling us to accomplish. Being humbly transparent…In 2018, we budgeted $120,000, received $172,337, and spent $154,465. 

For 2019, we’ve budgeted $258,560; roughly $21,547 each month. That’s a lot of $25, $50, $100 & $1000 donations, and every dollar helps! We’ll gladly spend more to accomplish more, if we receive more.

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We Love Our Sponsors!

Mo Hope needed airline tickets & car rental for a leadership class later this month designed for leaders planning to build communities of tiny houses. After a few tedious online searches, we turned to our experts...Fellowship Travel International. And that should've been our first choice. FTI's Leanne quickly found the best economy flights at more than a 50% savings! Thank you Leanne & FTI! We appreciate your efficient & friendly service with our travel needs, your serving with us on Saturdays, your support of our Mo Hope Pantry, and your renewed sponsorship for 2019!

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Your tax-deductible donations help us give Hope to our struggling neighbors. 

It will help us pay for tents, sleeping bags, canned goods, emergency shelter & dignity stays in motel rooms, and so much more.

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