Bring Your Entire Family!

Come join us for breakfast! Bring your children! Meet your neighbors!

It's FREE to everyone in Hanover, Caroline, and King William counties!

On Saturday mornings, we have volunteer groups who prepare & serve  delicious community breakfasts to neighbors who join us for great food & fellowship.

St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Hanover hosts these events in their parish hall from 8:00am-10:30pm every Saturday. 8050 St. Paul's Church Road, Hanover VA  23069

We're always in need of groups to prepare & serve breakfast!



The sun was much higher in the sky this morning on my drive to breakfast. My usual steering wheel prayer time was riddled with thanking God for my many blessings of the week along with anticipation of what today would bring. I asked Him to grant me the ability to have clearer vision partnered with humility to recognize any messages he deemed imperative for me to receive today.

Shalom Baptist Church was already present and had cinnamon rolls, yogurt, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, English muffins, warm apple cider, chocolate milk coffee and juice ready and waiting for the 21 guests who joined us today. A few had already arrived and chatter was all around. 

I met young Lillian "Lilly", 8 years old, when I arrived. She was busy at a table by herself preparing for our "lesson of the morning" . She informed me she would begin shortly. Here He goes!

Everyone was seated and Lilly began her lesson having each guest say their name out loud, I believe making sure we all know each other. After a few more exercises, her audience convinced her that we would enjoy every 3rd Saturday's lesson that she agreed to present. I believe God sent this little evangelist to us to encourage this mustard seed to grow. Yes, the 1st God moment of the day.

I've been questioning the filling of the calendar for 2020 and we still have openings. However, I am so thankful that Shalom has committed. I look forward to Lilly's lessons on those days.

Thank you to everyone each week who ask about those who are not present, those who feel the confidence of friendship to share their weeks events and make sure to let us know they will see us next week. I especially thank God for bringing my friends each week and for those friends whom I haven't met.

2nd moment? When I got to the Pantry I was told someone came by looking for me. With no description I just knew who it was. A friend I have been wanting to call, planned to after my pantry time but he beat me to it. A possible good connection for our Mo Hope Village. No commitment but I'm not giving up hope on that one.

How about it. Want to help out seed of community grow? Join us next week, same time, same place.

Blessings to you,


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Saturday Breakfast Servings @ St. Paul's Episcopal

8050 Saint Pauls Church Rd, Hanover, Virginia 23069, United States