Saturday Breakfast Servings

Come join us for breakfast! Bring your children! Meet your neighbors! It's FREE!

On Saturday mornings, we have volunteer groups who prepare & serve  delicious community breakfasts to neighbors who join us for great food & fellowship.

St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Hanover hosts these events in their parish hall from 8:00am-10:30pm every Saturday. 8050 St. Paul's Church Road, Hanover VA  23069

We're always in need of groups to prepare & serve breakfast!



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Definitely a scorcher outdoors but that didn't stop 27 of our friends from visiting our Moments of Hope Outreach @Mo Hope Breakfast Servings yesterday. We are certainly blessed that Shalom Baptist Church dedicates every 3rd Saturday to serve a delicious meal to our community.

This week we had Jacob give us all a lesson in how to prep fresh mangoes which were provided by our Mo Hope Pantry along with fresh strawberries and huge blackberries! Thanks Jacob!! They also prepared Matt Boschen's sausage gravy with biscuits, fluffy eggs and cheesy bread. Great meal with little leftovers & a great "problem" to have I'd say.

There were lots of various conversations filling the room including Roberts journey. For 23 years, he had been on kidney dialysis and was starting to fail even more. After 20+ operations including heart, liver, blood transfusions and infections, port placements (& failures) God saw that it was time for Robert to receive 2 new healthy kidneys. So last November it happened. Robert now enjoys his favorite things like cooking for family, cutting grass and especially sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. We were so blessed to have Robert with us and to remind us to stay true to our Savior.

You just never know when you will make an impact on someone's life or when someone will impact you. If you're receptive to hearing God's word, just maybe you will have that opportunity. I was also reminded by a dear old friend that "reception" just may mean "Faith" .

Please continue to pray for our mission of community and I will continue to have Faith that God will bring many more people to these meals. I can't wait to hear the stories next week. Join me?

Blessings my friends,

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